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Jason Bay Offered 4-Year, $65M Contract From Mets

I wrote in a post today that the "mystery team" involved with Jason Bay could be the Mets. Turns out I was right, as the Mets have offered Jason Bay a four-year, $65 million contract:

#mets offered #bay 4 years for about $65 million, give or take. they'd probably have to bump it to 5 yrs to get him.

That's only $5 million more than the Red Sox offered Bay earlier in the offseason. Something tells me Bay will accept a contract similar to this, but maybe not exactly this. I could see Bay signing for somewhere between $65-$70M, but nowhere higher. No team really seems big on Bay at the moment (with that said, it seems like there's not much surrounding Matt Holliday either).

Will the Red Sox counter the Mets' offer? All signs point to: ehh, maybe?