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Red Sox Lose Two Prospects In Rule V Draft

Jorge Jimenez, we hardly knew thee. Armando Zerpa ... well, I didn't know you at all. But you're both gone -- for now:

The Astros selected 3B Jorge Jimenez with the No. 8 selection and immediately traded him to Florida as the player to be named later for reliever Matt Lindstrom. Jimenez, 25, has spent the better part of the last two seasons with Class AA Portland and does not project as a significant contributor in the major leagues.

The Rays selected 22-year-old left-hander Armando Zerpa with the No. 15 pick then traded him to the Dodgers. Zerpa pitched well for low Class A Greenville last season (1.20 ERA in 22 appearances) before getting knocked around a bit at high Class A Salem (4.85 ERA in 16 games). Zerpa struck out 78 in 74.2 innings last season and allowed 45 hits, so he has ability.

The Red Sox receive $50,000 for each player. If they don't stick on the 25-man roster, they must be offered back for $25,000.

I saw Jimenez play a few times in Portland. Nothing spectacular. And I honestly had never even heard of Armando Zerpa. Maybe Ben Buchanan has. He's our resident "Prospect Guy," if you didn't know (he's taken the spot vacated by USG).

They could be back, of course. Even if they are, it doesn't seem like a huge loss right now.