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Red Sox Acquire Boof Bonser From Twins

Boof Bonser - Acquired by the Boston Red Sox (12/10/09)
Boof Bonser - Acquired by the Boston Red Sox (12/10/09)

The Red Sox began Thursday by acquiring pitcher Boof Bonser from the Minnesota Twins in return for cash and a player to be named later.

According to

The 28-year-old Bonser was on the way out in Minnesota, designated for assignment earlier this week after pitcher Carl Pavano agreed to go to arbitration with the team.

Not exactly a Halladay-esque acquisition, and it certainly doesn't figure to ignite the baseball world's interest, but a noteworthy trade nonetheless.

Bonser was 18-25 with a 5.12 ERA during his time with the Twins, but missed all of last season due to surgery on his pitching shoulder.

Hopefully this isn't the last news reported on this front today.