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Anyone Interested In An Over The Monster Book ... Club?

Books are fun!
Books are fun!

A lot of other blogs do this, so I'll throw it out, too: is anyone interested in participating in an Over The Monster book club?

Essentially, we'd all agree on a Red Sox/baseball book and read it. That's the premise. There's a lot of different routes we can go: we can just say, 'hey, finish it in a month' and then I'll make a post and we can talk about it. Or we can do it in shifts, so read the first three chapters and then have a post. There's a lot of ways we can do it. We can even have people participating to write posts that are on the front page that get other discussion started, so it's not just left with me.

For example, a nice comment might be: "The symbolism of Dustin Pedroia's bat is his hatred for being so short." Obviously, that's a winner.

The OTMBC is just a good way to kill the offseason. We might as well educate ourselves while we wait for spring training, right?

There is a poll attached. Please answer it, homies.