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Red Sox Decline SS Alex Gonzalez's $6M Option

The Red Sox declined Alex Gonzalez's $6M option for 2010, according to the Globe:

The Red Sox have declined a $6 million option on shortstop Alex Gonzalez, according to a source, but the club still may have interest in bringing the player back in 2010 on a lesser salary.


With Gonzalez now eligible for free agency, the Sox do not appear to have an everyday shortstop on their roster. When the season ended, even general manager Theo Epstein all but acknowledged that Jed Lowrie’s injury history has cast doubt on Lowrie’s ability to handle the position on a daily basis.

This is no surprise. While Gonzalez did perform much better than expected after his acquisition last year, he wasn't worth the $6M pricetag for 2010. It does look like the Sox will bring him back however, unless he wants to take a better offer elsewhere.

Expect the Sox to continue to try and find a long-term solution at the shortstop position. The market has thinned with J.J. Hardy being dealt to the Twins last week.