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11/5,6,7 - Curfews,Catching Up, and Traveling


Sorry about the lack of posts for the past few days - apparently, parents don't like realizing that they've raised an insomniac. Posts might be a little further spaced out, but with more links in each edition, depending on how much I can get done before I literally lose my Internet connection on school nights. Hey, that's what you get when a teenager is your news aggregator. Now, with that out of the way, here's the first set of links:

Does Boston's Trade for Jeremy Hermida Mean the End for Jason Bay in Beantown? - Bleacher Report

Though Hermida is by no means a middle-of-the-order slugger, this could very well signal the end of Jason Bay's tenure in Boston. Bay recently shot down a four-year, $60 million offer from the Sox, and his worth will only increase as the offseason wears on.

Among other reasons why Bay might not be returning, but if this sticks out to someone as a red flag of sorts, we'll have to see if they're right.

Marlins Trade Jeremy Hermida To Red Sox: A Sign of Things To Come - Bleacher Report

Due to the economy, these are the types of trades you are going to see this winter. Teams who can’t afford to wait on young players or can’t afford a player’s salary will be forced to trade them to teams who can.

Lots of different spins on this whole deal. Of course, Hermida was also part of another trade the Sox were involved in, or at least an attempt at one:

Let the Offseason Begin: Boston Red Sox Steal Hermida from Florida Marlins - Bleacher Report

That proposal didn’t gain any traction, and Hermida stayed with the Marlins, but despite missing out on his services, Boston remained infatuated with him and his potential, hoping he would someday be part of their quest for a World Series championship.

Totally forgot about the Manny-Marlins rumor. Although, now I do remember seeing a mockup of what Manny would look like in "fishstripes" on a Marlins' broadcast (don't remember why I was watching that). It was amazing how quickly they jumped on that rumor.

Jeremy Hermida: Bust Or Breakout - Bleacher Report

Seems to be more common view of the trade.

Yeah, I know, not much variety so far; it is interesting to see the variety of opinions available from relatively unconnected authors, as opposed to here, where the discussions can help figure out how we should feel about certain issues. After the jump, some more "independent" writing, an important discovery from YWA, and more general Hot Stove linkage.

4 Moves The Boston Red Sox Have To Make to Win The World Series In 2010 - Bleacher Report

After a quick exit from the MLB playoffs i quickly started to think, what could they do to get better? After a few weeks of research and asking my self questions i have come up with four moves they Red Sox must confront this off season if they want to win the 2010 World Series

BOW TO THE KNOWLEDGEABLE ONE. If you can make it past the sub-par writing quality (if you're reading this, than you probably can), have fun laughing at how many players are apparently good-for-nothing busts.

Rebuilding A Nation: BoSox in 2010 - Bleacher Report

If Theo has someone dedicated to researching the general public opinion of Red Sox Nation (hopefully not just looking at polls by the commercialized club), he probably gets a good laugh from some of the If-I-was-the-GM type articles.

Ranking the World Series Champions in the 2000s - Bleacher Report

Not sure what they're ranking them by.

Trade Market: Right Fielders -

Market awareness link - also an opportunity to search for JD's safety net.

Free Agent Friday: First Base 2010 - Beyond the Box Score

Again, not that we're interested, but it's a good idea of what's available.

2010 Red Sox Preview: First Base - Yawkey Way Academy

See? Probably not going to need to be looking at the Free Agents here.

Report: Red Sox Interested in Cuban First Baseman -

Although the younger prospects are always worth looking into.

Theo’s "95-Win Team", Beckett’s Extension, Falling Dominoes, and the Mailbag - Fire Brand of the AL

In recent years, one of the most important axioms put forth by the Theo Epstein and the Red Sox front office is the law of the "95-Win Team". According to this directive, the team’s goal is to target 95-wins annually in an effort to compete every season. This is really a great piece of wisdom, as a team that wins 95 games will make the playoffs most years. In fact, the Wild Card winner since 2003 – the first year Theo took the esteemed office of Red Sox General Manger – has averaged a record of just about 95-67.

Theo Epstein can’t just wait ’til next year -

Apparently - jumped on Hermida on the first day. Of course, there seems to be a lot of activity happening really early this year.

Umpire Strike Zone Analysis - The Basics and Batter Handedness - Beyond the Box Score

2009 World Series: Philadelphia Phillies' Pedro Martinez exits in a hurry - ESPN

Pedro Martinez's outing in Game 6 of the World Series was brief, as was his bizarre session with reporters after he tried to bolt the Phillies' clubhouse without speaking to the media.

All you can do is wear it - Extra Bases

Revisiting 2009: Did we get what we expected? - Fire Brand of the AL

Which catcher would you least like to see go on free agency? - Fire Brand of the American League

Umm... duh. Seems like the question was supposed to be more mind-blowing than it is, but somehow the effect got lost in transcribing it.

Not cuckoo for Coco - Extra Bases

Unless he's really cheap - could help if Ells is still having issues this season. Not sure he's worth the roster spot though...

With Earlier Offseason Regimen, David Ortiz Expects to Slug Away in 2010 -

Learning to Pitch with Josh Beckett - Yawkey Way Academy

Haven't seen this info anywhere else - Beckett's becoming a pitcher rather than a thrower with a curve. If he can figure it all out this year, he'd be a lot better prepared for his post-peak years, which should be starting with his next contract.

Hideki Okajima is a Key Part of Red Sox' 2010 Puzzle -

Green to have surgery - Full Count

SS = surgically sidelined, apparently.

Ten players the Sox could pursue -

Not a lot of surprising names, but there are a few new ideas.

New Elias: Harden, Beltre Type B’s; Figgins an A, so’s Billy Wagner - Clubhouse Insider

A: Figgins, Wagner, Bay (tied Markickass for best AL outfielder - hint at how primitive their evaluation statistics are)

B: Harden, Beltre, Tek, Zaun

Unranked: Gonzo (muhahaha)

Comments, links, ideas on how to convince my parents that it's not harmful for me to write for OTM (I've tried describing it as a critical thinking exercise and a brain after-exercise-stretch), etc. Oh, and I'll be traveling on a five-day weekend, so I might be absent for a day or two. I'm sure one of the editors wouldn't mind bumping a links Fanpost up if anyone finds a bunch of really good links.