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Early Thoughts On Jeremy Hermida Trade

It's been a few hours and the Jeremy Hermida trade is still a head scratcher.

Hermida, who hasn't done much at the MLB level, has potential. That's about all he has. And a $2M+ price tag, but nothing the Sox can't afford. Perhaps Theo Epstein will be using Hermida as an insurance policy if he can't get a better left fielder via free agency. Maybe Theo just plans to use him off the bench. Who really knows?

The Globe's Amalie Benjamin via Twitter on the Hermida trade:

1) Baseball source said #RedSox made the deal bc they got Hermida on the cheap, and there's a chance he performs better than did with FL.

2) Source also said Hermida might not factor into the team in 2010. Appears to be some early insurance for the #RedSox.

So, basically, the beat writers don't know either.

Just looking at the trade right now, let's grade it. To clarify, the Sox get Hermida and the Marlins receive Hunter Jones, a decent left-handed option out of the 'pen, and Jose Alvarez, a young left-handed pitcher.