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11/30 - Dumb Stuff


Possibly the last Filter for a few days - FanPosts get lots of discussion if anyone wants to talk about a few links in the meantime (like who is offered arbitration before tomorrow's deadline). Anyways, let's hit the links!

Apparently, journalists like to make their own stories (SHOCKING).


There is no truth to the rumor that the #Marlins are in trade talks with the #Red Sox -- or anyone else -- for shortstop Hanley Ramirez.

Oh, and this should have been our number one hint as to why this was a non-story. But, since it came up...

Red Sox Reportedly Eyeing Hanley Ramirez - Bleacher Report

The package would have to be pretty overwhelming, and would presumably deplete their farm, but if they could somehow get the Marlins to take Kelly, Bowden, Westmoreland, and another prospect not named Reddick, Bard, or Buchholz, I would pull the trigger.

So, basically, this guy only like prospects that have reached the majors. I understand putting Bowden below Buch and Reddick, since he's been struggling of late, but below Bard? I think I'd put Kelly and Manifest Destiny above at least Bard, probably Reddick as well.

More Bleacher Report laughs later; first, some other stories.

Free Agents: Saito, Nishi, Kobayashi - NPB Tracker

Since I can't translate very well, I'll go with the English news; Saito could be lost as well, it appears. Thoughts?

Theo May Get Burned on Saito Too - Fenway West

Nevermind, first comment says it for me. Next topic.

Commissioner plans to step down after 2012 --

GET OUTTA HERE, BUD. So... anyone want to revisit the Bush idea from last year? (Disclaimer: That FanPost probably makes me look really stupid. Enjoy it if you want to find it.)

History Unblurred: The 10 Best Starting Pitchers from the 2000s - Bleacher Report

Interesting methodology. Any issues with the rankings?

Elias Numbers For Type As -

With an excellent explanation as well.

More links after the jump, including some projections, complaints, and an opportunity.

Early Offensive Projections for the Boston Red Sox - Sox Tea Party

If Hermida is the starting LF, we don't deserve to make the playoffs.

Division of commerce -

Interesting to see that the Sox don't agree with the Blue Jays about trading within the division being not such a bad thing. Although I doubt anyone is crazy about it.

Top baserunners of 2009 - THT

This is a look at baserunning runs, excluding stolen base attempts.

We really don't play small ball at all, do we?

All-Aughts Team of the Decade SP4: Jon Lester - Fire Brand of the American League

Adam Foster: Interview with Sox prospect Ryan Kalish - Fire Brand of the American League

Scutaro's top two: Sox and Dodgers - Extra Bases

Some Awards Don't Show Up In The Boxscore - A Red Sox Fan From Pinstripe Territory

MLBTR Seeks Comment Moderators -

If anyone's interested - it'd be a good way to better the reputation of Sox fans.

Falling to the Bottom of the Filter

The Boston Red Sox Will Be Lucky To Get A .500 Record In 2010 - Bleacher Report

Please further note that all of this will come true and I will be laughing at the end of next year.

Can't... stop... laughing... Absolutely NO explanation of how he arrived at his numbers, just a declaration of their undeniable validity.

Doc Halladay Would Look Great in Fenway - Bleacher Report

And... cue the WINZ.

Links, comments, boredom rants, etc. We need something to discuss besides the usual stuff.