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Josh Beckett, Red Sox Expected To Meet About Contract

Josh Beckett, his agent and Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein are expected to talk contract with Beckett within the next couple of weeks:

Josh Beckett, who was in Boston to be honored for his commitment to Children’s Hospital, told that he and his agent, Michael Moye, are planning to meet with Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein in the coming weeks to discuss the . pitcher’s future with the team.

"We’re just letting things die down a little bit," Beckett said. Beckett is entering the last year of his contract with the Red Sox after having his option for the 2010 season vest thanks to making 28 starts in ‘09

This is sort of surprising to me considering Beckett already has his money for 2010 and it seems too early to talk about 2011. Theo has more important things to worry about -- like a left fielder. Or a shortstop. Or just making that offense thump a little bit more. Beckett can't wait a little bit.