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11/3 - More Front Office Work

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We've been in Hot Stove mode for a while now, and there's no reason to stop now.

Trade Market: Third Basemen -

Trade Market: Left Fielders -

Anyone stand out as viable option? Well, some people have everything figured out for us, so we don't even have to worry ourselves with the issue:

Time To Change Their Ways: Signing Bay Needs To Be a Red Sox Priority - Bleacher Report

There are no equivalent alternatives. It’s Bay or Matt Holliday (yikes) or some one-year stopgap in left. Or it’s trading a handful of prospects to find a player who best compares with a player you already have. The options aren’t exactly appealing.

Had to read through half the article to find the money quote: Anyone who is scared of Holliday, please try to convince OTHER teams of this.

Overpaying Orlando Cabrera Could Be Dangerous Risk For Red Sox -

And if the Red Sox are willing to grant second chances to Gonzalez, who seemed to be past his prime and had found little success in the American League, why wouldn't they grant the same courtesy to Orlando Cabrera?

Because that makes no sense? It's a "dangerous risk" because we'd be playing a crappy SS, one who would be overpaid for pretty much any price he demands.

Now here's a decent idea:

Building a Package for Javier Vazquez - Yawkey Way Academy

Now we just have to 1) convince most Sox fans that it would be a good trade, and 2) figure out who we'd give up for him.

After the jump, Fielding Bible awards released, more decade wrap-up stuff, a preview for next season, and concerns about parity.

Red Sox come up empty in Fielding Bible Awards - Full Count

Fielding Bible's site isn't in love with the SB Nation interface, so I'll indirectly link y'all. Oddly, Hill was below average by UZR. Hmm...

Team of the Decade? - Fenway West

All-Aughts Team of the Decade SS: Nomar Garciaparra - Fire Brand of the American League

How DARE they forget Jed! [joke]

Inbox: Will Varitek be back next season? - News

Lazy fans who can't research stuff for themselves, asking a beat reporter for anwsers, and then likely never checking for answers. Such a weird process.

Dark Days Ahead, Sox Fans - Sox vs. Stripes

Take it away, guys. Consider this the anxiety venting link.

Bill Reynolds: Major League Baseball’s lack of parity gets to me - The Providence Journal

But somewhere along the way the inequity of Major League Baseball, the decided sense that to the victor belongs the spoils and everyone else eats cake, has gotten to me.

Not the best argument being made here. Anyone want to try to improve on this, or to destroy the argument instead?

Links, comments, support for Pedro over Petitte, etc.