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11/27 - Join Theo for Black Friday Shopping


It's not that difficult to imagine Tito being the guy holding all the bags and sitting on the bench outside the store where Theo's shopping. Then again, maybe I had a little too much eggnog. Anyways, not a lot of links:

Another Thing I'm Thankful For: Baseball Reference - Brew Crew Ball

Trades Of The Decade: A-Rod For Soriano -

The one that nearly sent Rodriguez to the Sox; how different would the baseball world be if Selig had let it go through?

The Price Tag For Roy Halladay -

I swear, this is like trying to convince someone that they save 100% off the price by NOT BUYING what they don't need.

Hard to hold AL West at Bay - Boston Herald

This offseason, the competition with the West is expected to take a different form, with the Angels a prime contender for free agent left fielder Jason Bay.

That wouldn't be weird, for them to be rooting for Bay after how well he played against them in the 2008 ALDS.

Looking Forward to the Holidays in Boston, Not a Holliday or a Halladay! - Bleacher Report

I think this guy takes his logic a little too far.

Holliday open to playing in any part of the country -

As he sits atop the free-agent market, Matt Holliday says he can envision playing anywhere.

The Sox Try to ReHash ‘09, Tug Hulett Who? - Fire Brand of the American League

Links, comments, etc. Good luck to anyone who has to fight crowds of people today.