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A Very Gonzo Thanksgiving

According to Ken Rosenthal (citing a major league source), Alex Gonzalez has signed with the Toronto Blue Jays. Gonzalez, best known for being a shortstop who can hit over .111, play great defense (18.3 UZR/150 for Boston last year), and avoid crippling injury, signed for one year, $2.75 million (according to MLB's Jordan Bastian).

Assuming the report is true, and Hanley Ramirez isn't around the corner, this leaves the weight of the Red Sox infield resting on Jed Lowrie's sclerotic shoulders. Will the hemophilic hypochondriac be able to stand the pressure? Only time will tell. Thankfully, there are a lot of great hospitals in Boston.

Update: According to Tony Massarotti at the Boston Globe, Boston was prepared to offer $3 million for Gonzalez's services, but wanted to explore deals with other free agents (Scutaro?) first. Obviously, Gonzo wasn't willing to wait.