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11/26 - Happy Thanksgiving! Now to Talk About Canadian Stuff...


Enjoy your cooked birdies today folks, even if it's not a celebration native to your country. I mean, why not be thankful? Links:

Poll Results: Fans say Bay isn’t worth more than $60M - The Bottom Line

Hmm. What's the max you'd offer?

Holliday-Bay: Visual Scouting Reports 1.0 - The Baseball Analysts

Less about the debate than the visuals, but still cool. Pause the Maple Leaf Flag stuff for now though.

Interviewing Alex Wilson: 2009 draft pick closest to the bigs - Fire Brand of the American League

Just something to read while drifting off to sleep after turkey time.

Latest buzz from the MLB offseason - FOX Sports

Source: Red Sox interested in Duchscherer — 3:26 p.m.

Apart from their interest in Toronto ace Roy Halladay, the Red Sox are checking on a long list of possible pitching upgrades.

Justin Duchscherer, an All-Star as recently as 2008, is one of them. The Red Sox are interested in Duchscherer as a starting pitcher, one major-league source said Wednesday. The right-hander didn't pitch in the majors at all this year — in part because of clinical depression — and is now a free agent.

Duchscherer pitched out of the A's bullpen from 2004 through 2007, before moving into their rotation in 2008. He went 10-8 with a 2.54 ERA in 22 starts during what was his second All-Star season.

Duchscherer underwent hip surgery in 2008 and arthroscopic surgery on his throwing elbow this March. He has been on the disabled list five times in the past four years.

MVP voting confirms Utley as most underrated - Circling the Bases

Ungrateful BBWAA members.

Daydreaming for Adrian Gonzalez...Again - Yawkey Way Academy

After the jump, lots of stuff at the bottom of the Filter.

It's like the fat dripping off the delicious turkey!

The 5 Free Agents I Want In Red Sox Nation - Bleacher Report

YOU WILL HAVE COAL AND LIKE IT. Also, stay out of my way on Black Friday, you poor, confused consumer.

The Bay State: Signing Jason Bay Should Be the Boston Red Sox Priority - Bleacher Report

The other issue is the one I hate most: The Red Sox aren't willing to spend the money on Jason Bay because they are looking for better value. If the Red Sox were a small market team turning out young new talent every year, then I wouldn't have a problem with it.

But they spent $50 million just to talk to Dice-K, so give me a break.

Not even close to being the same.

Come To Think Of It: Will Red Sox Have Happy Hollidays Or Halladays? - Bleacher Report

Hollidays, but at a great discount, please.

Ellsbury, Sox can swipe TYIB Awards -

Sure, it's not exactly an objective award.

Links, comments, what part of baseball you're most thankful for, etc. Reminder: don't comment under the influence of turkey - always use a designated commenter.