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11/25 - Spreading Ideas


Funny to see how similar opinions are starting to form on separate sites. Of course, some sites form the opinions more in the posts, rather than the comments. Could be a function of how the sites are set up though. Anyways, here's two quick, random links:

Rising star, prospect win Boston honors -

Buch and Lavarnway are the best. Anyone have issues with these awards?

Projected WAR and Contract Values for Free Agent Position Players - BtB

Interesting - Beltre is projected almost equal with Figgins. Oh, and Holliday is far ahead of Bay (yes, UZR issues, but still).

Now I can show you how other sites are coming to the same conclusion as we have.

Will the Sox Acquire Adrian Beltre to Replace Lowell? - Fire Brand of the American League

Wow, that's a lot of writing. Pretty much consolidates all the stuff we've been saying.

Working out the Beltre Theory - Yawkey Way Academy

So it appears everyone agrees: this isn't an easy decision - especially when there's this option:

Report: Tigers' Miguel Cabrera Available Via Trade, Red Sox Listed as Prime Candidate -

We discussed this shortly in the Mauer MVP thread, but here's the official story.

Miguel Cabrera? No thanks - Extra Bases

The Tigers are owned by pizza magnate Mike Ilitch and have a pile of money. If Cabrera is being shopped, it's not for budgetary reasons. It's because they decided they would be better off without him. That should give teams plenty of pause.

Oh snap.

Comparison shopping sluggers: Miguel Cabrera and Mark Teixeira - Boston Herald

Okay... and your point is?

Some sites don't really come up with new stuff, and then some sites find random ideas that actually might work:

Have Homicidal Tendencies, Will Travel - Surviving Grady

Hmm... interesting. Not sure where'd he fit, but it's definitely worth looking into if we somehow manage to need MORE players.

After the jump, some coaching staff items, a bit of alarming news, and trying to get everyone caught up.

For Red Sox, a Ray(s) of Inspiration - Full Count

Interesting to see how coaching staffs evolve.

Tim Bogar braces for the hot seat - Full Count

Catcher Luis Exposito Leads Five Red Sox Prospects in Arizona Fall League -

The Blue Ribbon panel, 9 years later - Inside the Book

I've actually never heard of this. Sounds like it'd be a fun read for traveling, which is what I'll be doing today.

Source: Red Sox in on FA’s Scutaro, Escobar, R. Soriano - Boston Herald

NOOOOOO!!! The last two, sure, but NOT Scoots.

Cornering Some Offense in Boston - Sox Tea Party

At this point, it’s the general consensus that the Red Sox need a left-fielder, a shortstop and another power-hitting corner infielder. The hope is that the Red Sox will find a away to bring back Jason Bay and then move on to finding a legitimate bat at either first or third base. As for shortstop? Most fans I talk with are content with bringing back Alex Gonzalez, although I read a lot of other posts online that are against it, due to his low OBP.

Hahaha - good to see the opinion has presence.

Sox announce spring schedule, prices - Extra Bases

Tek Won't Catch Wake - Fenway West

Odd. I wonder why.

Falling to the Bottom of the Filter

Are the Smart Guys Hinting at Something? - YFSF

People are catching on!

Sox will think deeply about adding starters - The Boston Globe

No surprise.

Why Jason Bay Should've Accepted the Boston Red Sox' $60 Million Offer - Bleacher Report

He has been a crowd-pleaser and one of the best players on the Red Sox. His salary for 2009 was reported as $7.8 million, according to It would be hard to support a claim that he be paid twice what he made when he batted .267 with 36 homers and 119 RBI, being among the league leaders in the latter two categories.

I don't support resigning Bay, but that's some faulty logic right there.

Feet of Clay: Boston Red Sox Should Part with Clay Buchholz - Bleacher Report

If that stops Eckstein [sic] from pulling the trigger, Red Sox Nation should initiate a coup d’etat.

Buchholz is a very talented pitcher, yes, and I would love to see him dominating opposing hitters in a Boston uniform. But why would the Red Sox choose an unproven prospect over an established slugger?

Oh, please, don't...

Comments, links, etc. Also, special request: If you want to say something about a specific link, rather than a general idea, don't be afraid to go to the source to voice your opinion. If you do, it'd be awesome if you could drop OTM's name, especially if you are expressing a view that you may have picked up by participating in OTM; it would keep the offseason fresh if we had a stream of new ideas coming in from other sites.