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Mauer = MVP

Ladies and gentlemen, your BWAA Most Valuable Player is Joe Mauer. With all the wealth and recognition from this award, he should be able to finally buy some consonants for his last name (or at least donate the surplus vowels to Eastern Europe). The BWAA deserves props for making the right choice, as Mauer is clearly the best player in the American league, and, by extension, in the game. His .365 / .444 / .587 line led the league in AVG, OBP, and SLG, and he suddenly became a huge power hitter, clobbering 28 homers (previous high was 13 in '06).

Unfortunately, the BWAA's choices for the rest of the slots, 1-10, were less defensibly. Mark Teixeira and Derek Handbag as 2nd and 3rd? Miguel Cabrera (4th) with a 1st place vote?! Kevin "The Beard" Youkilis and Jason "I'm Too Good for $15 mil a year" Bay as low as 6th and 7th? The Yankees committed over $420 million in payroll to just three players this past offseason - the only MVP votes should be going to the Steinbrenner's checkbook. Detroit didn't even make the playoffs (although they were close to making them). Morales was a good choice, but not ahead of Youkilis.

But enough of my thoughts? How would you have voted if you were one of the brilliant, chosen people who compose the BWAA? Have at it in the comments!