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DeMarlo Hale New Bench Coach, Other Coaches Finalized

Come on down, DeMarlo Hale! You're the Red Sox's new bench coach!

Third base coach DeMarlo Hale will replace Brad Mills (now manager of the Astros) as bench coach. Tim Bogar will move from first base to third base and Triple-A Pawtucket manager Ron Johnson will become the first base coach.

John Farrell (pitching) and Dave Magadan (hitting) will stay in their jobs.

It's nice to see Ron Johnson getting some recognition and time in the big leagues. I don't think it'll be too long until he has a larger role within the organization.

The most pivotal coaching change, in my opinion, is Bogar moving from first to third. It's hard job coaching third base, so let's hope he is ready for it. Let's hope he knows the team's speed and opposing team's outfielder's arms. If you know that, you're golden.