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Drew Has Surgery; Lowell To Play First In 2010?

A few tidbits coming out of the Globe, including J.D. Drew having surgery on his left shoulder last week and Mike Lowell potentially playing some first base next season:

2. J.D. Drew, RF, Red Sox - He had surgery on his left shoulder last week to help alleviate the inflammation he was experiencing in the second half of the season. He should be able to take part in spring training without missing any time.


7. Mike Lowell, 3B, Red Sox - Will his hip improve enough for him to play third regularly? The Sox don’t know at this point. Don’t be surprised if the subject of Lowell putting on a first baseman’s mitt comes up during spring training. It apparently has been discussed internally.

Sounds like the Drew surgery isn't anything that will hold him back. Great news. So despite inflammation last season, Drew played through it and still put up an impressive campaign. What a gamer.

As far as Lowell goes, I like this idea. I think he could be a pretty solid first baseman. He needs less range at first and I think we'll see some good numbers from him. Since Victor Martinez will likely catch most games, Lowell can back up Youk and we'll probably see Jed Lowrie or another infielder take grounders at third base.