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Granite State Baseball Dinner Is Tonight

If you haven't been following Over The Monster for long, you might not know that I'm from New Hampshire. I love New Hampshire. It's my homeboy. Live free or die, ladies and gentlemen.

What comes with New Hampshire, though, is the Granite State Baseball Dinner in Manchester. The dinner is tonight and I was given a couple of free tickets the other day by my uncle. I debated about actually buying tickets before they were given to me, but I guess this works too.

What is the dinner? Well, it's everything baseball. The New Hampshire Fisher Cats (the AA team of the Blue Jays) is the host and it features a lot of big names in baseball. The biggest and best name? The Heidi Watney. Yup. NESN's own sideline reporter will be there. If you're there, you'll recognize me: I'll be the one being escorted out of the building because I was hovering too close to Heidi. Damn security.

Oh yeah, Jim Rice and Chris Carpenter will also be there. But didn't you hear me? HEIDI WATNEY!

If you're there, find me. I'll be at table 71 sharing cocktails with Heidi and swapping war stories with Jim Rice. And don't you worry: I will find out who Jim wants as the left fielder in Boston next year. Don't you worry.