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Make Your Own "Abraham Abominaters" Team

Stealing is the sincerest form of flattery.

Wait. That doesn't sound right...

Anyway, moving on. Peter Abraham of the Globe at Extra Bases is proposing to create your own free agent team. He has a little contest going where you can submit your team, he'll look through them and decide a winner. I like this idea. For once, I am doing this kind of thing (but not for the free book, although I probably would read it, whatever it is).

So I figured let's try this at OTM, too. I don't really care if you want to post your team here, there or both locations. Doesn't matter to me, I just think it would be a fun exercise. It will get our minds-a-movin'. I think we all need that on occasion.

Here are two links to help you out:

Free agent position players

Free agent pitchers

One rule that is different: your team has to be called the Abraham Abombinaters. Has to. No exceptions.