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Over the Monster Top 20 Prospects Voting #2: Kelly Takes the Top Spot

Your #1 Prospect: Casey Kelly (via <a href=""></a>)
Your #1 Prospect: Casey Kelly (via

Throwing this up a bit early. I have faith that no voting past 3:45 AM CST is really gonna mess with the overall result too much, and I've got a very busy day ahead.

It's not exactly a revolutionary choice, but then again, why should it be? Coming in with around 34% of the vote, Casey Kelly claims the top spot on our prospect list by way of plurality. While Kelly is not quite as clear a winner as Lars Anderson was last year, he's no less deserving than the first baseman was last year. Hopefully, Kelly's followup performance won't be quite as...uninspiring.

So, let's move on to round 2. See the first post for information on the various candidates.