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Once Again, David Ortiz Wants Another Power Bat

David Ortiz is already singing the same story from last season:

The best stuff came when David was asked about the Sox needing more power in their lineup beyond retaining Jason Bay.

"I said that like a year ago and everybody was looking at me like I was a (expletive) clown. You know? I said we needed another 30-home run hitter. Everybody was talking trash. There you go. Now what?" he said.

"Everybody always will welcome a 30-home run hitter at any time, any day, any situation. You want to compete with those guys across the street? You better bring it. Period.

Ortiz said last season the Sox need another 30 home run hitter because Manny was gone. The answer was Jason Bay. He did that and more. He filled the void. Now Ortiz wants another 30 home run hitter in the lineup.

How 'bout you, Papi?

(Ouch. Stings. He was close, but not quite...)

If the Sox do try to acquire another 30 home run threat, where are they going to put him? Who are they going to get? Adrian Gonzalez is an option, which would push Kevin Youkilis to third base and send Mike Lowell packing. That would be losing 20 home runs from the lineup. So would we then have to make that up too, Papi?

We need a power bat, sure, but we also need defense and some more pitching. We also need our designated hitter to hit more than one home run between April and May. That'd be a nice boost to the offense.