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Top 10 Moments Of The 2009 Season: We Need Your Suggestions

Every year here at Over The Monster, we like to not only look forward during the offseason but also look back. One way we do that is by recapping and labeling the top 10 best moments of the season. We want to do that now, but we need a little help from the smarter folks here: you guys.

We've done quite a bit of top 10 coverage (more so than that link suggests, actually) and we want to keep doing it. Here's a pretty good list from last year, while this is the No. 1 moment from the 2008 season. Bad ending to the year, but a damn good No. 1 moment.

Now it's time for 2009. Even a worse season (we weren't that close to reaching the World Series, if you remember), but there's no doubt we can find 10 great moments.

Moments can be anything from a great game to a great play to a great managerial call. Anything that was great for the Red Sox is up for grabs (Jon Lester basically dominated the list in 2008, so don't be surprised that's true in 2009).

So please leave a comment(s) telling us what your favorite moments of the season were. We'll take all of them together, compile a list and figure out which is the best. We really need your input to make this happen, so gives us a hand, OTM Faithful.

Thanks and go Sox.