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11/19 - My Bad, Tito is Awesome

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Terry Francona Hopes Red Sox Re-Sign Jason Bay -

Of course. He's a player's manager, and he wants to support the guy who he thinks will be signed, right? I mean, he's one of those guys that believes heart and sportsmanship wins games...

Coaches Tim Bogar, DeMarlo Hale to Step Up Following Departure of Brad Mills - Terry Francona -

Wow, he explains why "team chemistry" is a load of bull. Maybe I was wrong about Tito...

Our Manager is a Closet Stat Geek? - Yawkey Way Academy

Tito needs to talk about stuff like this more often - I was totally wrong when I said Tito was loyal to a fault. My bad. I really hope we get to see the saberfriendly Tito in action a lot more this season, so that we'll at least know what the thought process is if there's a controversial decision.

VORP v RARP - Inside the Book

Since ESPN has decided that VORP can be grasped by our feeble minds, you might as well find out how it compares to Baseball Prospectus's OTHER value stat.

What John Henry Can Learn From Belichick’s 4th and 2 - Fire Brand of the American League

Still, despite the loss, the second-guessing, and the media advocating for everything short of an all-out lynching of BIll Belichick, John Henry should use this occasion as an opportunity to learn something from Robert Kraft.

Since there's a couple Pats fans on here, this link will probably mean more to y'all.

After the jump, a look at the pay scale for the 2009 free agents, "modern" Moneyball, and some recognition for some of the most important Sox of the decade.

How much did the 2009 free agents sign for, per win?

Apparently 1 year deals ain't such a bad idea.

Defense and the Modern Moneyball - Yawkey Way Academy

Boston's Shortstop of the Future is Right Under Our Noses -

Yay, the MSM has finally take a liking to Je- wait, what? Iglesias? How is he any sort of secret at this point?

Chone Figgins Could Add Explosive Dimension to Boston's Offensive Strategy -

If you're going to make the argument, I'd recommend not using steals as your #1 support - it's been proven that they aren't nearly as valuable as most people think.

Jason Varitek Needs to Knuckle Down, Catch Tim Wakefield -

Jason Varitek has come up with clutch hits and incredible defensive plays, he's called a record four no-hitters and he has maintained order in a clubhouse with personalities like Manny Ramirez and Carl Everett. However, if Varitek wants to make the most of his next -- and potentially, his final -- season of Boston baseball, then the captain is going to have learn how to catch the knuckleball.

Okay, not only is this factually wrong (he caught Wake when he first joined the Sox), it's also dumb. The argument of getting Vic rest should be used for Tek catching either Dice or Beckett, the two who "need" him.

All-Aughts Team of the Decade LF: Manny Ramirez - Fire Brand of the American League

What, you were expecting Bay or something? Oh, wait, Hermida's going to be our LF next season, so he'd obviously be a better choice.

All-Aughts Team of the Decade RP1: Mike Timlin - Fire Brand of the American League

Still have the urge to blindfold myself at the mention of his name, but that's not important.

All-Aughts Team of the Decade RP3: Alan Embree - Fire Brand of the American League

Closed out the 2004 ALCS, then proceeded to spiral into relative oblivion.

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