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Red Sox Release George Kottaras

WEEI's Alex Speier reports that George Kottaras has been granted his unconditional release by the Red Sox.

With the 40-man roster deadline bearing down and with 4 other catchers already taking up slots (Martinez, Varitek, Brown, and Wagner), the Sox chose to release Kottaras.

Kottaras played in 45 games last year, batting .237/.308/.387 while acting as Tim Wakefield's personal catcher for much of the year.

While Kottaras had 1 home run and 10 RBI, his most memorable moment with the Sox was likely when fellow ex-Sox John Smoltz placed a bubblegum bubble on his hat in the dugout without Kottaras knowing. Hilarity ensued.

Good luck wherever you land, Kott. Unless, of course, you follow in Kevin Cash's footsteps and sign with the Yankees.