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11/15 - Values, Defense, and Financial Planning

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Still trying to catch up. Hopefully, I'll have a short night of homework sometime this week and I can post a bunch of links. Anyways, here's a bunch of more recent links (I'll save the still-relevant ones from earlier this week for later).

First, since I promised it to ferret:

Criminals of WAR - THT

I'm guilty of several of these offenses. Good reminder that it's not the end-all stat.

And now, some fielding fun:

How the Gold Gloves Work - Inside the Book

Try to avoid puking.

2010 UZR Projections - Beyond the Box Score

And guess who's projected as the worst CF?

With the Jumping and the Diving and the Whole Thing - The Baseball Analysts

Web Gems counting, for giggles.

Why Jason Bay is still unsigned - Extra Bases

Kinda old, but it still applies; it's not like he's signed somewhere yet.

After the jump, money, plans, and the minor leaguers.

Most of the Money Has Already Been Spent - Fenway West

Depends if Theo really is planning to go up to the CBT, but even then, the majority of the budget has been eaten up.

The Red Sox Are Cheap Bastards. Acquire Jeremy Hermida Now Pursuing Hideki Matsui - Masshole Sports

Red Sox fans should be asking what the hell is going on? Lord knows Im baffled.

Just thought I'd sum up this link for y'all.

Report: Yankees Trademarked 'Yankees Suck' Chant In 1996 - The Onion

Someone with an education in intellectual property, can you tell me if acronyms are considered the same as the words they represent? Not completely related, just wondering if "MFY Suck" would count, when the MFY finally do this.

Pay the price for Gonzalez - Chad Finn's Touching All The Bases

Well written and pretty convincing.

Mariners launch new online matchmaking service for sharing season tickets -

Very well run club, and now that they have a good GM, the team should start catching up to the fans.

Trade Market: Closers -

The Matsuzaka Plan takes shape - Extra Bases

Dusty got him to attend the Atheletes' Performance Institute. I'd imagine a short, angry man doesn't have that much trouble convincing people do things.

Here’s a thought: Votto, Harang to Boston? - Fire Brand of the American League

This idea sounds amazing now - but how much would it cost? It would push Vic to the bench on his off-days, but I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

Hideki Matsui: An Ageless Talent - Arn Tellem - The Huffington Post

An agent has taken to the web to get his client signed; had to happen eventually. Now if someone would just publish the entire copy of one of Boras' small novels, we'd be entertained for weeks.

All-Aughts Team of the Decade C: Jason Varitek - Fire Brand of the American League

Damn, I thought Mirabelli had it locked up.

All-Aughts Team of the Decade SP5: Tim Wakefield - Fire Brand of the American League

And he'll only be on the team for one year next decade. That's going to be an emotional year for Timmeh, now that he's made it clear it will be his last. (Although I'd laugh if he manages to get the record this season by some crazy twist.)

Michael Bowden May Still Have Something to Offer Red Sox -

Most people remember Bowden's short-lived stint with the Red Sox in 2009 by his performances against the Yankees, which included the good, the bad and the ugly. But no one's ability and talent should be judged on just three outings, even if they were against the world champions.

Well, duh.

A look at Red Sox prospect Casey Kelly - THT

Nothing groundbreaking, but a good look from outside OTM. Same goes for these two links:

Scouting Report : Jacoby Ellsbury - Bleacher Report

Scouting Report : George Kottaras - Bleacher Report

Interesting take on Kott's defense.