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11/1 - Can We Move On To The Offseason Yet?

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Hopefully everyone set their clocks back and you aren't reading this as a way to pass the time because you woke up too early and can't get back to sleep. But hey, you're reading this, so let's get to the links.

Creating Obscure Red Sox Shirts - Sox Tea Party

I need to look into getting myself a Jed shirt...

Chips Are in Place for Adrian Gonzalez Trade to Red Sox -

No new info here - not even a suggested package. Even the worst bloggers come up with a package, as ridiculous as most of them end up being (MDC + Lugo get it done, becuz they can't even ask four that from the Sox!!!).

Runs Created: A First Step - Intro to Sabermetrics 101

Today’s Friday lecture will discuss the first of many steps taken to estimate a number of runs. Bill James’ Runs Created, initially published in an early version of the classic Bill James Historical Abstract (in Dan Fox’s explanation, he has it as the 1979 version), was one of the first run estimation models and is likely the most well known. As a result, it will be the first of a few run estimators that we’ll look into here.

Has A-Rod lost his postseason magic? - Bleacher Report

IT'S NOT MAGIC - it's just random variance in performance output.

After the jump, Forbes needs to retake Statistics, Fire Brand gets another prospect interview, and the Padres are taking our guys.

America's Safest Cities: America's Best Sports Fans - Beyond the Box Score

Even with the ludicrous methodology, it's hilarious how well the two correlate. Oh, and apparently, my area of residence gives the consistency of the Filter's publishing at risk. So, yeah...

Tim Federowicz: Rising up the prospect charts - Fire Brand of the American League

Can't wait until we have Wagner, Expo, and Fed-X (possibly a few more?) ready all at once. Hopefully, we can take our pick and reap the benefits of other teams needing catchers.

Hazen interviews with Padres - Extra Bases

Uh-oh, Hoyer's getting greedy. How does he ever expect to even get on the phone with Theo if he doesn't worship the Sox?!?!

Comments, links, comparing the advantages and consequences of a drawn out season - whatever floats your boat.