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Bloody Sox Laundry, 10/9 - Lotsa Charts

Continuing my attempts to confuse Halos' fans:

Chart of the Day: Playoff Odds based on BtB Power Rankings - Beyond the Box Score

I feel better now. Can we follow through on these odds please?

Injuries for Red Sox pitchers this year -

Red Sox hitting zones -

DROOL - on both of those graphics. The Globe seems to be really good at making excellent charts.

The evolution of the Sox's offense -

These last link isn't a chart, but just a pick-me-up after the tough game last night:

Beckett: 'No issues at all' - Extra Bases

"He's ready to go," Francona said. "No problems. I think we handled it like we needed to. We needed to have him miss a start, knowing that he would be a little rusty, but I think we did the right thing."

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P.S. I might not be on too much this weekend - keep the cheering going!