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Red Sox roster still unknown, but here's a good prediction

[Note by Randy Booth, 10/08/09 12:58 PM EDT ] Rocco Baldelli will not be on the ALDS roster. He just isn't healthy enough, apparently.

OK, Tito. Gettin' kind of sick of this, buddy. Where's the Red Sox's ALDS roster?

It's funny that the Twins, who only made the playoffs Tuesday night, had their roster set for their Wednesday game. But the Sox, who have known they would be in the playoffs for weeks now, still have yet to unrelease theirs.


But it won't be too hard to figure out. Here are the locks in the lineup and pitching staff:

Victor Martinez
Jason Varitek

Kevin Youkilis
Casey Kotchman
Dustin Pedroia
Alex Gonzalez
Jed Lowrie
Mike Lowell

Jason Bay
Jacoby Ellsbury
J.D. Drew

David Ortiz

Jon Lester
Josh Beckett
Clay Buchholz
Daisuke Matsuzaka
Paul Byrd
Jonathan Papelbon
Billy Wagner
Takashi Saito
Daniel Bard
Hideki Okajima
Ramon Ramirez

The big snag is the backup outfielder spot. The Red Sox have said they want to try and play Rocco Baldelli, but they're unsure of his healthy. My guess is that they'll put him in the lineup just to see. So who fills the gap? Either Joey Gathright or Brian Anderson. If they want speed, they'll go with Gathright. If they want defense, they'll go with Anderson. It'll actually be a tough choice, but I think we'll see Gathright.

But what do you think?