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Bloody Sox Laundry, 10/8 - It's Gonna Get Ugly

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Randy is writing for another blog during the ALDS, attempting to bring in some traffic. He's also attempting to piss off the Halo fans who read, and it appears to be working.

2009 ALDS blog's page - USA Today

If you need a laugh or two, check out the back and forth. Also, sharpen your troll weapons.

Graphic: Comparing AL playoff teams -

DROOL - perhaps someone could use this to convince that Chuck guy that we're pretty much even offensively? I mean, it uses basic stats, but it might get through to them a little quicker than, say, WAR...

WAR: It Works - FanGraphs Baseball

No, this isn't a military strategy link. Geez, I don't take baseball THAT seriously. [Ignore the fact that I suggested violence in the first link]

Playoff Teams Defense Analysis, American League Edition - Beyond the Box Score

More proof that the teams will be pretty much equal - we have a bit of an advantage in pure pitching, but run prevention requires defense as well.

Speaking of defense, guess which role player got his obligatory interview about some random topic?

One-Game Playoff Lets Anderson Remember ‘The Catch’ - Full Count

Don't blind yourself in the limelight, kid.

After the jump, we examine the Sox' contributions to the upcoming Free Agent Market, and BtB proves graphs can be fun. As if we didn't all know this - oh, wait, forgot about the AngelsWin readers. My bad, guys.

Projected Type A Free Agents -

Sox: Bay, Vic (option), Wagner (option)

Projected Type B Free Agents -

Sox: Tek (option)

Braves to pursue Billy Wagner - MLB Daily Dish

Who might we be getting draft picks from?

Red Sox shortstop Alex Gonzalez's ordeal - ESPN Boston's Amy K. Nelson:

Red Sox shortstop Alex Gonzalez keeps his eye on the ball, his heart with his ailing son.

I believe I linked to this before, but it's still as moving the second time around. As much as I'd rather have Jed playing, that doesn't mean I don't appreciate what Gonzo has done for us and what he's sacrificing.

Now, for MUCH lighter topic (well, for 29 fanbases):

Twins vs. Tigers: Graph of the Day - Beyond the Box Score

If only all seasons would end this way. Graph of the Day explores the WPA for the pitchers of Game 163 between the Twins and Tigers, as well as the Tigers month long collapse.

It's amazing how some people can recall everything perfectly from a movie - that's all I'm saying about the comments.