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Randy and Over The Monster featured at USA Today

I just wanted to let everyone know what's going to be going on with myself and USA Today over the next couple of weeks (month, hopefully).

First of all, in today's USA Today's Sports Weekly you can find a blurb about the Red Sox written by me. USA Today contacted me and I will be "Bloggin' Baseball" for them regarding everything Red Sox for the duration of the playoffs. That's the first thing you can check out.

Second, the actually blogging is located right here. I'll be posting there a few times a day for as long as the Red Sox are in the playoffs. Everything at USA Today will be new content from myself, though. So anything you read here, you will not see at USA Today, and vice versa. Make sure to check out both sites at least 1,200 times a day.

If you have any suggestions for myself or anything Over The Monster related, please shoot me an e-mail to rbooth AT overthemonster DOT com.