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Jed Lowrie makes postseason roster; Gil Velazquez around for insurance

Although he's still not 100 percent healthy, Terry Francona announced that Jed Lowrie will be the backup infielder for the ALDS:

The move did not come as a surprise given the status of Nick Green and Chris Woodward, the other two candidates. Woodward is still tending to his wife, who recently gave birth, and Green said today, "Right now, I don’t think I'll be able to" play in the first round.

Lowrie’s wrist is not 100 percent, but he proved over the season’s final weekend, when hit lefthanded consecutive days and clobbered a grand slam, that he is capable. Lowrie said his wrist felt "a little tight" today, which is "normal stuff."

As insurance, the Red Sox added shortstop Gil Velazquez to their clubhouse. Velazquez would have become a free agent Monday, but when the Red Sox called him Saturday it ensured he would extend his contract with the Sox until the end of the World Series.

I guess I'd rather have a hurt Lowrie than a healthy Velazquez, even though Velazquez isn't too bad. He's a solid player. Also in that update, Mike Lowell is apparently healthy and ready to go and there's still a lot of uncertainty around Rocco Baldelli's injury.