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Red Sox, Angels series to start Thursday

No surprise here: the Red Sox and Angels will start their ALDS on Thursday night while the Yankees and TBA will start tomorrow.

The Yankees, who own home-field advantage in the playoffs, had the choice of starting either Wednesday or Thursday against the winner of today's Detroit-Minnesota one-game playoff for the AL Central title.

The Yankees will get a day off between Game 1 and Friday's Game 2, allowing them to go with a three-man starting rotation while allowing for extra rest for relievers Phil Hughes and Mariano Rivera.

It's no shock the Yankees didn't want to give either the Tigers or Twins a day off after what should be a grueling game that is going on now (update: tied at zero in the top of the 2nd).

The Red Sox will play game one against the Angels at 9:37 p.m. on Thursday.