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Ted Williams' frozen head -- writes for Fox Sports?

It looks like Ted Williams' head is being even more disrespected -- this time the beating is coming from FoxSports:

Editor's note: A new book by a former employee of Alcor, the company that froze Ted Williams' remains, alleges the baseball Hall of Famer's body was mistreated by the company. Alcor has denied the allegations and promises legal action. The alleged ordeal has left us wondering . . . what if?

I know what you're thinking: Cremation is looking pretty good right now.

Yeah, the ol' Splinter took some licks in life — broken elbow, neck problems, fighter-jet crash landings. But nothing as rough as the abuse I've taken in death.

Course, these lab tech wusses would wait 'til I got no arms to take a run at The Kid.

But if you think a few lumps are gonna keep Teddy Ballgame down, you got another think coming. Like I always say, there's no crying in cryonics.

And look at the bright side, if I wasn't frozen in suspended animation, I wouldn't be able to weigh in on the 2009 playoff picture.

This is absolutely ridiculous. First of all, it's offensive. Second of all, what purpose does this serve? Does it really get a laugh? Is it educational? It serves zero purpose. I'd like to know who wrote the story because I'm pretty sure there's a reason why he or she didn't want to put his name on this.

I'd expect this out of The Onion. Then it might be kind of funny. But this is Fox Sports stooping to new lows. Congrats on the sensationalism, Fox -- I hope you get all the hits your heart desires.