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Bloody Sox Laundry, 10/6 - The Old, the Young, and the Troubled

Guess which player fits under which.

A Farewell (To 2009?) For the Captain - Full Count

Terry Francona takes time out to honor Jason Varitek -

Thanks, Capitan. Now please, kindly take a seat on the bench.

Lowrie’s Left-Handed Launch a Pain - Full Count

Never mind my idea of the grimace being Jed trying to will the ball over the fence. It is impressive that he's finding ways to work through it though. Hopefully, once the playoffs are done, he can get some rest, with some checkups to make sure the wrist actually heals itself.

Gonzo's heart breaking family tragedy - Fenway West

Even though I think Gonzo's an overrated player, he's playing amazingly well, considering this.

After the jump, looking back and forward at the same time.

Who Actually Had the Biggest Comeback in 2009? - Beyond the Box Score

Interesting breakdown of another BBWAA award - same results as the rest of them.

Graphic: 2009 Red Sox regular season -

SO COOL - easy way to look deeper into the record. Any weird splits?

Answering Kurkjian’s Questions - Fire Brand of the American League

They're so nice, responding to the mainstream media.

Second to Some: Dustin Pedroia Is Far from AL's Best Second Baseman - Bleacher Report

I would really rather avoid these articles, but this is just poorly executed - no one can argue that Cano is a better 2B than Pedroia.

2010 MLB Draft Order - MLB Daily Dish

Gotta find some more diamonds in the rough, I guess.

Umpires named for division series - Extra Bases

"Twittered" = LOL. Besides that, it's amazing how the worst umps get the playoff series.

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