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10/31 - All Hallows' Eve Edition


The title, of course, means that there will be minimal references to dead items in this post. See how the irony worked there? No? Okay, I need to stop trying to be funny then.

How the Economy Will Affect Salaries - Beyond the Box Score

Does the growth in GDP augur well for free agents to be this offseason? Or will discerning teams still find bargains?

Oh, wait, here's a link about something dead Nevermind, just read the first bit of the link again. Yay for a non-flushed economy! Anyways...

EXCELLENT info. AND it's been updated to meet the community's suggestions. Great job by Tommy Bennett; this data should come in helpful when looking at the big names this offseason.

It wasn’t just the good numbers - it was that he was locked in, confident, and loose! - Inside the Book

So fun to mess with some of my baseball fan friends over this. Seriously, even some of the MLB players understand this concept better than the experts; why is it so hard to believe that it's just bad luck?

Reasons to keep Jacoby Ellsbury in Center - Yawkey Way Academy

Pretty much what we've established as the default reason: the net defensive gain wouldn't offset the offensive loss, without a really good CF. If we can find one because some other team has a brain fart, go for it; if not, keep Ells in CF and have him practice fielding balls launched from home plate for a few hours each day.

Of course, Troy Patterson explains it a bit more academically than I just did. Plus, they have OTM on their blogroll, so there's that.

A-Rod Scandal of the Week: Creepy Bedroom Portraits - Fenway West

Umm... centaurs? Oh...kay... This has to be some sort of joke meant to scare us for Halloween, right?

After the jump, Jose and other SS options to compliment (supplement?) Jed, and an argument for expanded replay.

Cuban defector Jose Iglesias looks to fill Red Sox’ need -

Trade Market: Shortstops -

A few viable options here, but all of them have their issues. Not sure any of them are worth trading for, unless it's to back up Jed [/biased].

Progress, Thy Name Is Replay - Fire Brand of the American League

Really struggling to find any viable reason why not at this point. Of course, Commish Buddy ain't adding much to the debate either.

Comments, links, costume (and/or prank) ideas all appreciated. Oh, and place your bets on which of our crabby old guys got egged last night. (I'm kidding, Sandy and NG.)