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10/30 - TGIF; Leave No Stone Unturned, Or You Might Miss a Gem


Clay Buchholz' Transformation - Yawkey Way Academy

Pitch F/X breakdowns are FUN!!! Perhaps we need to look into the available pitchers using this technique. Hmm...

In the meantime, here's some other links about those pitchers:

Pitcher Rich Harden Worth a Test Drive for Thrifty Red Sox -

Pros & Cons: Erik Bedard - The Bottom Line

Good to see that everyone is looking for every option possible. Of course, there are sometimes when those options should be for Plan B, not Plan A; here's an obvious (to me) situation:

The 2009 Shortstop Free Agent Market - Fire Brand of the American League

We definitely don't need to overpay for some safety net. While it's important to account for the risk associated with Jed's wrist, players shouldn't be paid more than they're worth when there's similar talent available.

How much will the Red Sox spend in 2010? - The Bottom Line

Taking the information from Mazz's column, Bottom Line has created a table showing the expected payroll of the Sox.

After the jump, a few more links to get you to quittin' time. Think BIG: big question, big trade, big difference of opinion.

POLL: One person only - Fire Brand of the American League

* Jason Bay [depends on when Holliday signs]

* Adrian Gonzalez [going to cost a lot, but may be worth it for the right price]

* Matt Holliday [should be the first option, unless he's too expensive]

* Felix Hernandez [probably going to require too many prospects]

* John Lackey [not worth the money he's going to get]

Trades Of The Decade: Colon To The Expos -

Many of these players are big names right now. Also, the Expos got screwed so many times it isn't even funny.

Jason Bay Chat Wrap - Full Count

I think that the monster is a little intimidating at first, but after getting used to it, I really like the nooks and crannies and the effect that it has on the other team and players who aren’t used to it.

Deep roots will not bend - Eric Wilbur's Sports Blog on

Mazz, perhaps you should have realized that NO ONE is going to root for the MFY, no matter how much rationalizing you put into it.

Comments, links, funny stories about attempting to get non-OTMers on the saber-bandwagon - anything to pass the time.