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Bloody Sox Laundry, 10/3 - Gonzo Down, Jed Time

Well, it's a good thing we're resting our starters, so that they don't get hurt for no reason - oh, wait...

With Green no better, a shortstop hole looms - The Boston Globe

Losing Gonzalez would be a major blow - ESPN Boston
Guess it's time for Jed. C'mon kid, show'em how it's done.


#Papelbon just told me to put the fact that he's a sheriff in Miss. into a story. Also called himself Lord CincoOcho. Seriously. #redsox

I'm sorry, but I would totally laugh if Paps was arresting me.

Drew has cortisone shot in his left shoulder - ESPN Boston

Oh, and he's better than Bay. Just in case that wasn't becoming more and more obvious to some people.

Hot Or Not? Does It Affect The Playoffs? - Sox vs. Stripes

I think Drugs was plagiarized.

Sox and Dawgs to return - Fenway West
Cool - never want to see another Sox blog having issues. Hopefully Sox and Dawgs can return to being an intelligent, representative voice, or we're going to have to step up our work to keep other fans from thinking Sox fans are the stupid morons.

Enjoy the second to last game of the regular season - and some college football too. Chat about those, the links, or try to set NG straight again.