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10/26 - No Real Theme Here (AKA It's Time for the Season To End)

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MLB Jumps The Gun - The Joy of Sox

The curse didn't work, unfortunately. Oh well. NEXT!

MLB's Greed is Killing the Postseason - Fenway West

Wow, it almost November. The conspiracy theorist inside me wants to scream "The MLB is cementing Jeter's claim to Mr. November", but you know, gotta keep that guy quiet some times.

The Game of the Year? - Surviving Grady

Our choice isn't to be revealed for a while, so I'll let y'all debate for now.

ESPN will fire Steve Phillips - Projo Sox Blog

Wah, wah, wah...

After the jump, more links with minimal connections between them. Well, there might be one common thread...

What Are The Sox Going To Do With Paps? - Bleacher Report

The Boston Red Sox Have A Lot Of Questions Heading into Next Season - Bleacher Report

Despite Age, Bobby Abreu Would Be Big Offseason Signing For Boston - Boston Red Sox -

Abreu is the perfect player for Boston's lineup -- he's a corner outfielder with some pop, he gets on base efficiently and he's smart on the basepaths. The Red Sox would be honored to have Abreu in the heart of their order.

Guess what? They're all tired stories with minimal new developments! Wait, don't leave, here's some good stuff:

Wakefield Wants Red Sox Wins Record - The Joy of Sox

And the head of NG. On a silver platter. With parsley. Because Timmeh is classy like that.

Bierd has strong outing in Mesa's extra-innings win -

Different Cultural Mind-Set Keeping Yusei Kikuchi in Japan -

"I don't think I have what it takes to compete at the world level yet," The Associated Press quoted Kikuchi as saying during the news conference.

Pretty funny take on the story, actually.

Get out your bats, folks, we might have a steady drizzle of MFY trolls through out the day. Have fun, and don't forget to add any good links you find.