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10/24 - Taking Time to Appreciate OTM


You know, we have a pretty awesome community here - almost everyone who participates brings good information and opinions, we don't have too many problems with flame wars, and the tough times are just as fun as the good times. It may be something that we take for granted, but then we look outside of OTM, and we come running back because of articles like this:

Saddnes With The Red Sox - Bleacher Report

I`m sure most of you have heard about the Red Sox. Out of the 2009-2010 postsseason.When I saw what happened I was so mad, I even kinda hated Johnthan Papbon. I mean 1 out.Is it that hard to do.Who do you want to win the World Seris this year?

That was the entire article; I feel a great "saddnes" because of this. Seriously, how can some people manage to operate computers effectively enough to navigate their way around the web and STILL post crap like this? It's pointless, doesn't really state any opinions, and is nearly incomprehensible. Thanks to those of you who consider your audience when you're writing FanPosts or posts on other sites - it makes following the Sox and baseball much easier.

Unfortunately, it's not just the actual writing that separates OTM from other sites (I mean, c'mon, I write for this site). Sometimes, it's just... let's see, how can I word this without being too insulting... Meh, you can just see for yourself:

THEO EPSTEIN BLINDED BY SABERMETRICS, CALLS JD DREW "One of Baseball's Most Valuable Outfielders" - Masshole Sports

The Fail is strong with this one. Hopefully, this is just a minor issues that won't prevent either the sabermetric or "primitive" side from listening to the other's opinions. If you truly believe that JD Drew isn't one of the most valuable outfielders, perhaps you'd like to explain why - without referring to RBIs or errors or heart? If you feel you absolutely MUST use those qualities/quantities to evaluate a player, I, along with several other members of OTM, would love to explain why your support is questionable.

Theo Is Out Of His Mind - Sox vs. Stripes

Really? Really? He's actually worth more than we're playing him? Unless we're talking pesos or zlotys here, I think Theo just took the Crazy Train to Loonyville. Who can possibly look at what J.D. Drew has done in Boston and coherently argue that he is worth more than his salary?

Funny. To answer your rhetorical question, 1) Theo, 2) the rest of the Sox Front Office, 3) at least 2/3 of the rest of the executives in the MLB, 4) most of SABR (there might be some issues with BPro followers or non-stat SABR members), 5) several baseball blogs OR 6) anyone with access to Fangraphs.

Any more questions?

After the jump, the lovefest dies down - sorry guys, I can only bash links in the name of OTM so much. Instead, we'll get back to the normal analysis of links, ranging from a Reddick interview to the release of the data for an alternative to UZR for this season.

Josh Reddick Talks About Making it Big - Fenway West

#68 still has a ways to go, but it definitely seems like he's ready to deal with the hard-hitting media coverage - just look at how calm and collected he is!

Can you name the 2004 Red Sox World Series winning roster? - sporcle

This quiz is difficult, as the bench and pen may not be engrained in your memory. I managed to get Leskanic and Myers in just before the timer ran out, mostly because it took like 5 and a half minutes to spell Mientkiewicz right. Thanks to Joy of Sox for the link.

Can you name the 2007 Red Sox World Series Roster? - sporcle

24/25 correct, with 3 minutes left. Remembered Kielty (who could forget Ronald McDonald?) and struggled between Dougie and Cash for the backup catcher. The only one I didn't get was by choice, and I think we all know who it is - oddly, "he" is one of the most often missed answers on that quiz. I wonder why...

Trades Of The Decade: Bedard To The Mariners -

Since some of you are pushing for Bedard over Harden if we choose to go the "low-risk" route again, this seems relevant. It's also good to review how the decade was shaped, starting with the BIG stuff.

Newsday: 2009 Collapse Would Be Worse Than 2004 - The Joy of Sox

Even if the difference in talent is larger this time around, it was still 3-0. It had NEVER been done before - NEVER. The MFY appeared to have all the "momentum" in the series too, and couldn't close it out. Now, 5 potential AL-pennant-clinching games later, they are still struggling to try to return to the World Series.

An Aging Theo Epstein and an Aging Red Sox Club - Bleacher Report

Pretty good article from the same site as the babbling genius - if you didn't click through to the other BR link, then you should definitely read this one.

All about the money - Tony Massarotti,*

Top Fielders of 2009 - Sean Smith, THT*

At least according to TotalZone.

For those of you who don't like UZR, here's an alternative. Also, Cruz is a beast.

*Is this format preferred, versus just listing the site name? Some stuff NEEDS the author to be identified, just so that it clarifies what the link is about.

Links, comments, college football talk if your team's site is dead during games, etc. Remember to check out all the discussion going on in the FanPosts, and perhaps take a second or two after you finish reading them to admire the amazing community we've built here. If you're new, or haven't felt the need to comment, sign up for an account just in case you want to respond to something (reply buttons, please), or to post new content of your own.