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Padres To Name Jed Hoyer New General Manager

It looks like another disciple of Theo Epstein is jumping ship.

Jed Hoyer, one of Epstein's assistant general managers, is expected to be the new general manager of the San Diego Padres next week:

The Padres' job will be Hoyer's first as the man in charge (though he did serve a 44-day stint as Boston's "co-GM" in '05 when Epstein briefly left the organization.

Hoyer was hired by the Red Sox in 2003, when he was just 28, and has since become one of Epstein's most trusted assistants. A native of Plymouth, N.H., and a 1996 graduate of Wesleyan University, Hoyer has aided Epstein in all aspects of Boston's baseball operations department including player acquisitions and evaluations and contract negotiations.

I like Hoyer especially because he's a New Hampshire man -- just like yours truly. But other than that, Hoyer has done solid work with the Sox and there's no reason to not expect the same with the Padres. Hoyer is another GM that will be considered "new blood," as he's just 35. I wish him the best of luck.