Platooning LF?

Listening to Theo's interview on WEEI today got me thinking:

  • The Sox aren't going to sign Jayson Bay for the money he's looking for (15-16 millions for 4-5 years) because of his defense and the fact that he's not in his "pre-prime" years.
  • There's a gap talent wise in term of prospects for 1-2 years.
  • Theo's REALLY dislike Scott Boras: A Matt Holiday signing is very unlikely.

If you look at the talent pool in the FA OFers market, what you see is discouraging: Abreu, Figgins (he played the OF), Dye, Crisp, Kapler...So why not take a flyer on platooning LF like the Rays did with the Gabes? You sign Crisp (If healthy) and Kapler or Connor Jackson who, because if illness, may not be tendered by the D-Backs for 1 year contract and you platoon them in the OF?

What do you think?