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10/22 - Front Office at the Forefront of News


First, before we get into the executive news, some good news for the most loyal player in baseball:

Surgery on Wakefield's back successful -

Knuckleballer to be fully recovered long before Spring Training

Silence the doubters, Timmeh, silence'em. Here's hoping Wake outperforms his option yet again next year.

Padres set to hire Red Sox executive Jed Hoyer - MLB Daily Dish

Congrats to Mr. Hoyer - he didn't get the Nationals job earlier this year, but I'd think he's probably going to have a better time in California with one of the biggest trade chips in baseball.

Red Sox likely to meet with Cuban LHP - Extra Bases

Unless he really develops into a pitcher, Chapman's going to be a risk, considering his less than perfect mechanics, the cost, and the extreme rawness of his ability. Being a lefty that can throw 100 miles per hour is great, but it helps if you can actually pitch with it - not sure I want the Sox to get involved in a such an expensive project, especially with the amount of resources invested in other projects.

Options Abound for the Red Sox - Full Count

Any options that should be declined? Aside from Wake, NG.

Trades Of The Decade [Runner-Ups] -

Okay, so the Beckett-Lowell/Hanley deal is one of the biggest, based on it's absence from this list. Any other obvious ones?

After the jump, we continue to look into who's going to play LF next season, and Fenway continues its domination of the entertainment industry.

Jason Bay Remains Best Option in Left Field for Red Sox -

This is going to be a daily thing, isn't it? How about we come up with a definitive strategy, make a nice flowchart, and then follow it like a cult whenever a new user starts suggesting we bring back Damon or something?

Fenway Park Could Turn Badminton Into Masterpiece Theatre -

Is there anything Fenway CAN'T do? Seriously, I think I'd attend a showing of paint drying in Fenway.

Comments, links, declarations of alliance with the Phightin' Phils, you know the drill.