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10/21 - Upsetting the Norm


Ted Williams Halloween Costume: Proof That His Legacy Has Been Destroyed - Masshole Sports

So... very... wrong.

Soccer at Fenway? - Extra Bases

Wakefield surgery [today] - Clubhouse Insider

Good luck, Timmeh. Hope everything goes well, so you can continue to disrupt lineups for days after your start.




It is secure the [re] troop who has the possession right of 6 years to come and, to present seasonal re-contract.When concluding new contract, the Oka island determined."With thing of contract, me and there was the crossing each other of understanding with the representatives.There is no explanation securely concerning that, suffered hardship".Representative contract with Peter [gurinbagu] was cancelled.

So, in translation of the translation, it sounds like Oki wants to come back. EDIT: Or he fired his agent - more likely. Thanks, USG. If anyone can read Japanese and provide a better translation, please inform us of anything interesting that assorted online translators (AKA: The Sandy Method) missed.

Jason Bay or Matt Holliday on the Red Sox? It may be neither of the above - Red Sox Monster

Ooh. Best to cover every avenue, I guess.

After the jump, I try to avoid butchering any more translations and we will look at the future, from a programming note to a revolution within the game.

Chat with Red Sox Hitting Coach Dave Magadan - Full Count

Where'd that guy that wanted Magadan fired go? I bet he'd love to get his chance to speak his mind to the man himself. Open the time slot in your calendars anyways.

Japanese prep LHP still considering Sox - Extra Bases

Hurray for no new.... news.

Separating the Sox -

Iglesias, Kelly share position, organization, but little else

Thanks to Hix for the link. Some comments have already been made on this in yesterday's Filter, but it never hurts to make sure people see the good stuff.

Inside Baseball - Technology Review

As assistant GM of the St. Louis Cardinals, John Abbamondi '93 revels in the data analysis that goes into fielding a winning team.

Hurrah for MIT - blackjack training, sabermetric revolutions, and temporary tattoos in an attempt to lure potential students.

Comments, links, insomnia-defeating techniques - anything you think is relevant.