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10/20 - Saito Could Be Back, But Who Will He Join?


Report: Takashi Saito Clears Outright Waivers, Open to Returning to Red Sox -

Cool to see a player understanding that his contract wasn't going to work for the team.

Healthy or Not, Mike Lowell's Role Won't Be Defined For 2010 -

As this offseason gets underway, one has to wonder whether Lowell's days in Boston -- as an everyday starter at least -- are numbered.

Red Sox Throwdown: 2010 Edition, Part One - Surviving Grady

I REALLY hope they weren't being serious with 90% of what they suggested. I mean, based on the general joking nature of the site, I want to assume they are, but it's going to nag me.

Big T's Blazin' Sports Thoughts - Trade Papelbon? - SawxBlog

You wanna know what’s really odd about what happened at Fenway Park last Sunday afternoon? No one really wants to talk about it. The Red Sox just gashed our hearts with two dreadful games out west and the definitive gut punch game, and people are ready to move on. Well, most people away.

Okay, so this guy's a little late to the party. Nice attempt to spin it differently though.

Who is the Sox shortstop of the future? - ESPN Boston

At least Jed's getting some respect; if he is overtaken by a matured Iglesias, he'd still be a pretty damn good utility player, and he could step in whenever the phenom is having issues with the bat.

Agent Scott Boras compares Matt Holliday to Yankees' Mark Teixeira --

Teixeira signed with the New York Yankees last winter, for $180 million. Boras would not say what his asking price would be for Holliday, but he made clear he considered Holliday's abilities in getting on base, hitting for power and playing superior defense similar to those of Teixeira.

*sigh* Here we go again.

The iPhone app is out: 2nd Guesser - U.S.S. Mariner

WANT. Just have to get past the whole too-cheap-to-buy-the-hardware thing first.\

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