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What is Jason Bay's worth?

We'll be having this conversation a lot once the offseason is here, but for now, we'll just have to guess what Jason Bay is likely to be seeking for a new contract:

Multiple industry sources expect that bidding for Bay – who is making $7.5 million this year – will reach at least four years at $14-15 million per year this offseason should the outfielder seek to maximize his worth on the open market. Indeed, some have suggested that he could exceed those estimates, both in years and dollars. Certainly, it could help the slugger’s cause that the number of interested teams is expected to be significant.

The Red Sox have already said, at the time that they tabled negotiations just after the All-Star break, that they expect to discuss an extension with Bay following the season, and so a return seems a legitimate possibility, especially given Bay’s often-stated enthusiasm for playing in Boston and his desire to return. Should he test the waters, however, a look at some teams that will have money coming off the books and a potential need for an outfielder who can serve as an impact bat reveals a potentially robust market:

While there a lot of people on this blog that would love to see Matt Holliday as a Red Sox next season, Bay isn't done in Boston yet. He could possibly make his return to the Red Sox just playing lights out in the postseason. Let's hope no matter where he goes, that "lights out in the postseason" comes true.

So your turn: how much, on a yearly basis, will Bay bring in with his new contract?