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Bloody Sox Laundry, 10/2 - Funny and Shocking

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Dice-K doesn't approve of our fighting. This is his disapproval face. It's patented.

Alright peeps, we're in the playoffs, we played a decent game with the majority of the starting lineup in, and we yet we're fighting. Perhaps this emotional rollercoaster of links will help bring us all together?

Red Sox Recognize Fans With 'Fan Appreciation Series' -

There ya go, NG.

Orsillo part of TBS playoff broadcast team - Extra Bases

Damn East Coast bias.

Lowell taken for X-rays, will play tomorrow - Extra Bases

*sigh of relief*

The Unexpectedly Relevant Daisuke Matsuzaka - Full Count

Fake Umpires At Fenway - The Joy of Sox

BtB Power Rankings: 10/1/09 - Beyond the Box Score

How do the remaining pennant races look according to the power rankings?

Okay, I lied, it wasn't very funny. Take this as an opportunity to lighten the mood. Or drop links and comments.