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The Dirty Water Filter, 10/18 - Lazy Sunday

Apparently, the world has moved on from the Red Sox. Here's all I could find today:

Eric Walker And "Moneyball" - The Joy of Sox

Moneyball is supposed to be running baseball like a business, or so I thought. The goal of business isn't to win some award at whatever cost, it's to make the largest profit.

Looking Back: Marlins and Red Sox Trade, Was It Worth It? - Bleacher Report

YES. For both sides. Not that difficult to decide either. We got one of the best pitchers in baseball, a surprisingly solid player, and some non-important reliever that tested positive for PEDs for a few years, they got a great young star, a flash in the pan, and some minor pieces. Neither team NEEDS what they gave up, and both would likely be in worse situations without what they received in making this trade.

The lack of material means... I get to do some focus group stuff!

Concept for Title Heading:


What do y'all think? Too busy? Fonts hard to read?