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Takashi Saito Still in Boston, Actually

OK, so Takashi Saito isn't quite out of Boston yet:

The Red Sox are currently involved in a procedural matter with reliever Takashi Saito's contract which would allow them to re-sign the right-hander but for less than the $6 million on his 2010 option, according to a major league source familiar with the deal. Saito earned many of his incentives in his 2009 contract that included a $1.5 million base. Saito has been placed on outright waivers (part of the procedure) which gives the Red Sox time to work out a new deal.

We'll see what happens with this. I wouldn't be surprised if he comes back and is then traded. I'd imagine his trade value would be somewhat high after a solid season and the fact there are teams who would take a chance on Saito closing for them.