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The Dirty Water Filter, 10/15 - Seems Like 2010 Is Already Here, Yet This Week Is Taking Forever

Alright, I'm exhausted from various non-OTM activities; combine that with the relative lack of material, and this is going to be a short post.

Blame Cake is Done - Boston Dirt Dogs
So many fails - if I can get on later today, I'll go through it more extensively. For now, let's just say that I don't agree most of it.

Francona: 'I would do that again every single time' - Extra Bases
Stubborn pain in the @$$ - this is one of those things that people who have issues with Tito like to bring up. He's too damn proud to reconsider his actions, especially when there's tons of data proving him wrong.

Japanese lefty sparks interest from MLB - Extra Bases

Kikuchi is trying to decide whether to bypass the Japanese draft in favor of signing with a Major League team as a free agent. Kikuchi is a 6-foot-1 starter who reportedly has a mid-90s fastball. He has until tomorrow to decide whether he will enter the draft.

Upcoming events on the Red Sox and baseball calendar - Extra Bases
What, you don't plan your life around this?

Tek Still Has Value for the Red Sox - Fenway West
Not likely.

With few fixes, Sox can go deeper in '10 -

Five ways to fix the Red Sox - Tony Massarotti sports blog -

The best way for them to thicken out their lineup is to find a shortstop who can get them in the top five in OPS at the position.

*cough*JED*cough* Damn, I think I'm getting sick or something on top of being tired...

Red Sox, Matsuzaka finally may be on same page - The Boston Globe

"I think there’s a feeling that it’s going to work out,’’ said the source. "I think they’re finally on the same page. Took a long time, but I think the two cultures have finally converged and there’s good feeling again.’’

Might work on a graphic header later today - I'll post mockups in the comments if I do. If anyone else gets bored and wants to give it a shot, go on ahead. Comments and links are still acceptable as well.