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The Daily Links Post Formerly Known as "Bloody Sox Laundry", 10/11

I leave for ONE day, and everything goes crazy.

Okay, so I like hyperboles - whatever. The name of this post isn't going to be "Bloody Sox Laundry" anymore; instead, it shall be given a new name. This isn't going to be some cheezy, lame name that has no meaning to it either. Considering this dire situation that the team finds itself in, we need an identity for this team. The players aren't going to help, it appears:

No 'Idiots' or Rally Cries This Year to Ignite Red Sox Mojo -

So I leave it up to y'all - what shall be the fate of this team, and this post? Submit your best inspirations or "rec" another suggestion; the most "rec'd" will replace "Bloody Sox Laundry" as the daily name of this post.

Now, for a slightly less over-dramatic topic:

Terry Francona thinks short term -

Though they took the losses in the first two Division Series games against the Los Angeles Angels, the Red Sox still have plenty of confidence in Jon Lester and Josh Beckett. Any doubt on the issue was erased by the way Terry Francona set up the rotation for what the manager hopes will be the continuation of the series.

Going with lefties at Fenway seems the right thing to do - The Boston Globe

Francona: We might adjust our batting order - Full Count

Big Papi Needs to Sit for Game 3 - Fenway West

A couple of the players were interviewed Saturday, and Full Count provided the individual transcripts:

Pedroia, Francona, Buchholz, and Bay

After the jump, some laugh and thought-provoking links.

The catcher conundrum in the AL - Extra Bases

Odd thought: how bad would the catching situation in baseball have to be for a team to find a way to play without one? Baseball's not like basketball or football, where a team can flex the roster and work around a weak position, but it is possible to play with extra infielders or outfielders; are catcher and pitcher the only two absolutely necessary players?

Clutch skill DOES exist - Inside the Book

Read the link first, then comment on it - the particularly important part being the bit about the nearly impossible sample size necessary to determine who is "clutch" or not with data.

Why don’t they have a straight-on center field camera? - River Avenue Blues

Lazy, cheap, etc. Good video explanation though.

You naughty, naughty Sox fans - Extra Bases

Fear Red Sox Nation - we may not be 4chan (probably best not to be), but we can still work the Web.

Comments, links, chowdah recipes, etc. - all of them can go here.

[Thanks again to USG for covering me yesterday. For those of you who were questioning why I disappear around the playoffs, the simple explanation is that life required I move the Sox to the back-burner for a while last year. They did help me through a tough time, and the fact that I needed to disappear again this year probably gives you a decent idea of what's up. I apologize if that makes me a bad fan, but this is JUST a game, folks. I'm back now, and I'm bringing the offense with me - let's kick some ass!]